This is a common call we get at Harrington Technologies – “Help! I got into work today and my computers aren’t working. I’ve been limping them along but it looks like they finally bit the dust. When can you come in?”

I’ll be honest. We have a love/hate relationship with these calls. We love them because we’re here to help and these types of calls let us work our magic to get fellow business owners back up and running (read: back to productivity and money-making status). But we hate them because we could’ve helped earlier. And the earlier help typically translates into money saved and fewer hours of downtime.

Yes, small business tech support services are about solving problems, but there’s so much more to them that you need to know about if you want to keep your costs low and keep your business operating at maximum efficiency.

Here’s what that looks like with our managed IT services:

Cyber Security Software Reduces the Risk of Attacks

With the migration of your business from the offline world to the online world, you’ve become more productive. You’ve also become a little more vulnerable in new ways. Instead of worrying about data loss due to fire and burglary, you’re kept awake at night worried about ransomware attacking your business or a virus destroying your computer system.

By utilizing small business tech services before a problem arises, you can minimize your risk of these types of attacks. And as a small business, that’s more important than ever before. Small and medium businesses are the biggest targets because they’re notoriously the ones that have the biggest holes in their security.

We help you become the business hackers and attackers hate.

Behind-The-Scenes Updates to Keep You Running Smoothly

Are you one of the businesses that we talk to regularly that try to put bandages on problems in an effort to limp along a system until it completely crashes? You don’t (and shouldn’t) have to take that risk. Doing so is more expensive for you in the long run – dramatically more expensive, in fact.

Although you might not see us in your storefront on a regular basis, you will feel the effects of having our backend support because we work behind-the-scenes to keep your systems updated and running as efficiently as possible. This, in turn, keeps you and your business running as productively as possible with minimal downtime. Pretty good, right?

Ongoing Cost Saving Analysis

Let’s face it. Technology is a must-have in today’s business environment but that doesn’t mean it comes without a cost. Sometimes these costs are high but most of the time, the expenses your business incurs are competitive. That’s because developers continue to create new solutions that rival old solutions – and the bulk of the time, those new solutions can save you money.

I hear you. You don’t have time to spend researching every new solution that hits the market. That’s where we come in. We perform ongoing cost saving analysis to ensure you’re running as cost efficiently with the best technology as possible.

And Of Course, Tech Support Services

No matter how much prevention you do, problems are bound to arise. When they do, you don’t want to feel like you’re scrambling to find someone you can trust with something as critical as your business intelligence.

By using a tech support service for your small business before a problem arises, you’ll already have someone in your back pocket that you trust and who knows your business. That, in turn, will make it faster for you to call for help and get the help you need.

These services are here to help you run a better business. We want to help but we prefer to help when we can save you the most money and keep you operating productively the longest.

Call us at (520) 398-7935, or contact us anytime to learn more about what that looks like specifically for your business. We’re glad to have a no-pressure chat with you about it all.

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