It’s common for non-techies to have trouble understanding how audio/visual technology works. They imagine it to be a daunting mess of cables and connections that only an expert can maneuver.

How can a layman have attractive sound bites and visuals without the help of an IT expert?

Technology is daunting on first glance. But, in-demand locations, such as restaurants and meeting rooms at fire stations, are often tasked with creating a welcoming environment suitable for hosting meetings, networking events, and fundraisers that’s also capable of showcasing the organizations they let in.

Does this sound familiar? If your business opens its doors to outside community groups to hold meetings, it’s your responsibility to make it as easy to use as possible if you want to uphold your strong brand image and have repeat guests in your facility.

It’s not an impossible job either. Here are a few tips for optimizing the audio/visual technology in your space.

Standardize Your Business’s Technology

You probably won’t be at your office every time a group sets up to hold a meeting – and you shouldn’t have to be. Your team should be able to help get a group going quickly and easily in your absence.

Minimize how much training you have to do by standardizing your audio/visual technology company wide. By doing so, you will shorten the IT learning curve, saving yourself, your staff, and your guests headaches down the road.

Make Plugging Into Your Meeting Room’s Audio/Visual Technology a Cinch

People will show up with a variety of technology that they’ll want to plug in. Some will have a PC to connect while others will have an Apple computer. Some people will want to have audio playing, while others will only want the visuals. Some will need a microphone; others will not.

To make your meeting at your facility more attractive, it’s imperative that you make plugging in a cinch. Have a connection box with all of the necessary cables, so everything is organized and in one place. This will simplify the setup process and make getting started easier.

Have a Guide to Your Audio/Visual Technology Available

When you welcome the public into your business, you’ll meet people with a wide range of IT abilities and interests. Not everyone will be an expert in getting set up with your specific television screens, audio equipment, and more.

Make working with your business a breeze by having a quick and easy connection guide available to everyone who rents your space. The easier it is to use the technology in your meeting rooms, the more likely your tenants will be to return. It’ll also improve your brand’s image. And, it’ll save you hours of fielding calls from frustrated guests.

What Can You Improve?

Ready to make some adjustments to your audio/visual technology in an effort to get more people into your business? We can help ease the burden of set up on the front end and standardize your IT company wide, so holding events at your facility is simpler and more enjoyable.

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